For most couples, getting married is a new thing! So at times, there can be some confusion about the difference between legal witnesses and wedding guests.

For your wedding ceremony to be recorded, you need a minimum of two legal witnesses who are present for the event. The legal witnesses are the two people whose names are entered on the wedding license. Their names also appear on the final certificate. (Do you need to hire witnesses?)

The only requirements for witnesses are that they are over the age of 18, and that they can attend the conference and be on video and audio for the duration of the event. They do not need to speak English to be a legal witness, they just need to be able to understand that they are attending a wedding ceremony.

If they are with you in person, I just need to confirm their presence in the room, and they do not have to be in view of the camera for the entire ceremony.  I need their full legal name to be emailed to me before the ceremony, and do not need their ID, photo, or email addresses. 

On the other side, wedding guests are simply friends and family who attend the wedding, and do not have a legal role in the ceremony. I do not need names, email addresses or IDs for wedding guests. In general, you may invite as many guests as you wish to attend your wedding ceremony, up to 50 streams for a Simple wedding, and up to 99 for a Custom ceremony.

Online Wedding Witnesses for hire

While any friend or family member can be a witness, some couples may not have access to someone to attend their ceremony. There might be too great a time difference with their families and friends “back home’. The couple might also wish to keep their legal status private, or simply don’t have enough time to arrange it.

These are some of the hurdles that Peter and Rebecca faced when it came time to meet with Rev. Heron for their own ceremony. After they had this experience with trying to find their own online wedding witnesses, they actually founded their own company!

Rev. Heron is proud to partner with Online Wedding Witnesses to offer witness services to couples who need them.

Rebecca and Peter are friendly, professional, and available for your online wedding witness needs. They work closely with Rev. Heron for her ceremonies, but are also available for other officiants’ wedding ceremonies.

When you book a ceremony with Rev. Heron, there is an option to request their services through her booking form. If you choose this option, you will receive an email from Online Weddings Utah with the information on availability and payment. Please keep in mind their availability is not guaranteed, as they are a separate company from Online Weddings Utah.

The price for two witnesses to attend your ceremony is $100 USD total. After you have confirmed your ceremony date and time, you will receive the payment information. They accept both Paypal and credit and debit cards through Stripe.

If you are not booking with Rev. Heron for an online wedding you can check on their availability for your wedding through their website – Online Wedding Witnesses.