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Israeli Citizens allowed to marry through Utah Online Marriage!

March 7, 2023Israel must recognize online marriages conducted via Utah, Supreme Court rules.
Landmark ruling upholds decision allowing Israeli couples to wed in civil ceremony without leaving country. – The Times of Israel

March 7, 2023 – Israel’s High Court de facto recognizes online civil marriages. The Supreme Court ruled against the state’s appeal of online civil marriages conducted remotely through Utah. – The Jerusalem Post

On September 29, 2022 – A Jerusalem District Court ordered the Interior Ministry on Thursday to recognize marriages conducted over video-conferencing through the US state of Utah, in another step toward easing access to civil marriage in the State of Israel.

On July 10, 2022, the high court struck down the ban that disallowed registration of online marriages performed via Utah County digital marriage licenses. This is an exciting development as it allows a whole new landscape of marriages to be legally recognized in Israel. Utah Online Weddings and Rev. Heron are very excited to start helping couples in Israel with their leap over the bureaucratic hurdles that have been previously in their way.

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Israel has long been a place where it can be notoriously difficult to get married, especially if a couple is same sex, of mixed religion, atheist, or has some other hurdle. For decades, there has been no option for a simple civil marriage, and so thousands of couples every year have resorted to destination weddings where they get married in another country and then return to register their new relationship status in Israel.

At the height of the pandemic, there was no option for travel, and several hundred couples found that they could marry online with a digital Utah wedding license. The latest statistics from Utah County showed that of the 500-some couples who wed in this manner, nearly 30% were a same sex relationship.

The hopes and dreams of these couples ground to a halt within a few months, however, when a court decision from Israel in January of 2021 halted the registration of online marriages performed with these Utah wedding licenses.

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