Utah County has completely revamped their marriage license process!

This is great news for couples, as it allows independent entry of information for each member of the couple.

Start your online marriage license application now!

Very Important – A new step in this process asks for your wedding officiant’s email address – ours is license@utahweddings.online

Please note that we don’t have .com at the end of that email address! We use the .online domain for emails. You must use this address to send your marriage license to Rev. Heron for your ceremony!

How to Apply for your Utah County Marriage License

The new Utah County marriage license application involves the following steps:

  • Verify your email address – both members of the couple must verify their individual email address
  • Verify your Identity – Take a photo of your ID document (must be a live photo)
  • Take a selfie – This will be compared to your ID document to verify you (must be a live photo)
  • Fill in your information – Your details about where you live, where you were born, your parent’s names and other statistics and information will be collected.
  • Send your license to your officiant – Email to us at license@utahweddings.online – (not .com)
  • Create your digital signature – Sign your license
  • Add Payment and Shipping information – Domestic expedited and International shipping is available. See their fee schedule here