Important Information

When you book an online appointment, you will get an email from me with the appointment details. Please look for this email as it could be filtered into your spam or junk folders. If you don’t see it, please get in touch!

A note on payment: I accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, and Xoom , or you can simply use any supported credit or debit card. Stripe accepts many common card types, see this page for accepted payment options.

My office hours are as follows:
6pm – 12am Monday-Thursday
6pm-2am on Friday
2 pm – 2am Saturday
2pm-12am Sunday
Please see my Contact page for out of office dates

Free 15-minute consultation Q/A

Ask me anything about getting married online! This is a fully free consultation to find out if an online wedding is right for you!

You may only need a few minutes with me, or might want the full 15, it is up to you!

A consultation is not required for booking a wedding.

Simple Online Wedding

Add this wedding to the no-fuss category! Just as it says on the box, a simple online wedding ceremony can include the following components:

  • Crystal Singing Bowl Intro
  • Declaration of Intent
  • Ring and Vow Exchange
  • Pronouncement

You may choose to write your own vows or pick from a selection that I have available.

The ultimate elopement, this simple ceremony ticks all the boxes for an easy matrimonial moment. You are not required to exchange rings or include vows if you do not wish to do so.

Invite up to 50 guests to be there with you!

10-15 minutes on average.

Price $150 USD

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Custom Online Ceremony

You’re still the no-frills type, but maybe you want to include cherished family customs or personal touches in your dream ceremony. With a custom ceremony, we’ll create a wedding that is uniquely you!

A custom ceremony could include:

  • Singing Bowl Introduction
  • The Couple’s Story
  • Musical Performance
  • Reading of poems, prayers, scriptures or sutras that make your ceremony perfect!
  • Declaration of Intent
  • Ring and Vow Exchange
  • Pronouncement
  • Unity Candle

You may choose to write your own vows or pick from a selection that I have available. Just a step up from a simple ceremony, this has you written all over it!

Invite up to 95 guests to be there with you!

20-30 minutes on average.
$200 USD

Online “Destination” Wedding

This wedding is for someone who still wants something much grander and more unique than a quick online ceremony! Do you dream of red rocks? Long for high mountain peaks? Wide desert salt plains? Ski lifts?

A virtual destination wedding brings you and your whole wedding party to a gorgeous vista! Since the destinations are so varied and numerous, it’s hard to put a price on this type of journey, but it could look something like this:

  • Your dream location
  • Exact GPS coordinates of “your” spot!
  • Full video and photos of the surroundings
  • Physical mementos of the location, if allowed
  • Custom ceremony design
  • Custom commemorative certificate
  • Location is named on your official wedding license

NOTE: Booking a destination wedding starts with putting down a $250 deposit so that we can begin talking about the process of designing your perfect online wedding. I will contact you to set up a consultation to ensure that you have the perfect ceremony of your dreams. Destination weddings typically require more time and money than a normal online wedding, and will usually require extra charges for travel or other arrangements.

Destination DEPOSIT – $250

Oh the places you could go!

Online Wedding Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

I understand that life happens! Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them, accidents happen, emergencies can occur, and we don’t always have a choice in the matter. I am very flexible with scheduling and if you have a problem, I am always happy to work with you and find a solution.

How to Reschedule or Cancel your Wedding
If you have booked your wedding through my Calendly system, you can click the links on your calendar invitation that say Cancel or Reschedule. You may choose a new time and date for your wedding or simply cancel if needed. I do not charge for rescheduling or cancellations done with more than two hours notice.

If you have booked your wedding through Square Appointments or another route, please email me for any changes to your event.

Please note: Although I am very accommodating with schedules, I do request that you please notify me via email about any change to the wedding at least two hours before the scheduled start time. In order for a refund to be processed, a cancellation MUST be requested before the two hour window unless there are extreme circumstances.

“We were recommended to Rev Heron thru an attorney for marriage. I did not know what to expect for our consultation but she immediately put me at ease. She was so sweet and explained everything thoroughly. She made you feel so comfortable that you felt like you were talking with your friend. She officiated our wedding and we just loved every minute of it. My in laws were witnesses from India and Rev Heron even showed the respect to them with her greetings. It touched me that she would be so caring about all the people and not just the bride and groom. We have recommended her to a friend that is thinking of getting married. She is a sweet lady and the ceremony is beautiful.”
-Elvira, via Google Reviews

Celtic Magic!

“Reverend Heron is an absolute gem. This was such a wonderful experience, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. So beautiful – so different and the perfect person to join us together ❤

She made sure everything was easy and with COVID-19, that can be difficult. She is easy to talk with, work with and very kind. She makes sure to make a personal connection with you. I’m just over the moon with our experience.”

Ashlee, January 2021 – Wedding Wire