Since online weddings are so new to the world, I wanted to introduce you to some couples who are on the front lines of this amazing advancement in technology and ingenuity.

Everyone who is getting married online now is part of an important historic change that may well end up influencing how marriages are treated worldwide in the future.

In my Featured couples posts you will see real couples who have been married through my services and who have generously agreed to share their stories with the world.

  • A Honduran Odyssey
    Even for two souls that are artistically inclined, it took some time for Megan and Arlen to recognize each other.
  • A Philippine Prayer
    For newly-in-love couple Lyka and Gavven, their connection was obvious immediately.
  • A European Love Story
    Meet Daniela and Stephen. They have a story familiar to a great many couples who have been separated by the barriers of pandemic related travel.

Full disclosure, some of my featured couples may have received a small refund on their wedding ceremony fee in exchange for the consideration of use of their names, wedding videos and images.

Why Participate in the Featured Couples Project?

If you’re planning on getting married online and would like to share your story with the world, please let me know! Read more about it on my Featured Couples participation page.