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July 17, 2022 – Radio interview on BBC 4 program – “Sunday”
A radio interview with Rev. Heron and Daniela. Daniela was married online by Rev. Heron early in 2022 and is part of the Featured Couples blog post – A European Love Story. An audio excerpt from the program is below.

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March 29, 2023 – KSL News – Utah’s online marriage licensing gets attention all over the world


October 16, 2022 – Sentinel and Enterprise – Hundreds of same-sex couples from China have officially gotten married in Utah – thanks to Zoom and a legal loophole

October 12, 2022 – Washington Post – Banned from marrying in China, gay couples turn to Utah’s Zoom weddings

October 12, 2022 – Boundless – Same-Sex Couples From China Get Married in Utah – Over Zoom

October 12, 2022 – Upworthy – The clever way Utah made it easy for hundreds of Chinese same-sex couples to get married

October 11, 2022 – Wall Street Journal – LGBT Couples From China Say ‘I Do’ in Utah Over Zoom

October 6 – The Guardian – Legal quirk allows gay couples in China to get married online in conservative Utah

September 30, 2022 – Rest of World – Same-sex couples from China are getting married in Utah over Zoom


September 30, 2022 – NPR, Morning Edition – A court in Israel recognizes online civil marriages as valid

September 29, 2022 – Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem court recognizes couples in Zoom ‘Utah weddings’ to be registered as married

September 29, 2022 – The Times of Israel – In step toward civil marriage, Jerusalem court accepts ‘Zoom weddings’ from Utah

July 17, 2022 – Jerusalem Post – Utah marriage ruling isn’t civil marriage in Israel, but it’s progress

July 16, 2022 – Jerusalem Post – Lod court’s Utah marriage ruling is a landmark for civil marriage – opinion

July 11, 2022 – The Jewish Chronicle – Fury of orthodox leaders as Israeli courts allow secular weddings in Israel for the first time

July 10, 2022 – Jerusalem Post – Israeli court decision recognizes marriages performed in Utah by video

July 10, 2022 – Hiddush – Court orders the State of Israel to register Utah online marriages

February 18, 2022 – Hiddush – Civil Marriage – are we getting closer?

March 8, 2021 – Washington Post – Barred from marrying by the rabbis, Israelis find a pandemic workaround — in Utah


February 17 – DAWR – Online Marriage Illegal in (Dusseldorf) GermanyNote: This lower court decision does not impact all of Germany, and many couples there have been successful in registering their marriage with their local authorities. If you live in Germany, please check with your local courts.


August 20, 2022 – Al-Monitor – Cash-strapped Lebanese turn to online civil marriages