Speaking of dream weddings, there are probably a lot of couples who would like to have a wedding at La Tour Eiffel, but settle for taking post-ceremony or honeymoon photos there. Colby and Janine went a *little* farther than that, and have accomplished the near-impossible by – wait for it – having their online wedding INSIDE the Eiffel Tower.

With a reservation at Madame Brasserie and a simple Zoom ceremony with Rev. Heron, they made their dream wedding location a reality. And while they are not a full Featured Couple in the same sense as others, they wanted to share their wedding story and video for everyone to see. Many thanks to them for their generosity!


Rev. Heron

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been an interfaith minister since 1993. I was ordained in January of 1996, just before I officiated a wedding for the first time. I absolutely love weddings and have been honored to officiate at many ceremonies for friends old and new. It is common for me to do weddings for multiple generations and branches of families.