Meet Debbie and Gaby! Although there are many ways to find your future spouse, such as through schooling, hobbies, a friend group, or even just by chance at the grocery store, Debbie and Gaby’s love story began in 2012 during a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Debbie was volunteering through her college, and they became friends. But although they connected on that trip, it would take them another 10 years and for both of them to be in failed marriages to really reconnect and find one another again.

While the were both undergoing their divorces at the beginning of 2022, their reconnection grew over video chats and phone calls, but they waited until both divorces were final to come forward and debut their relationship to the world. Debbie recollects that they both really needed each other for the hope of a better life and joy and happiness. She says “My life before Gaby was just our(sic) depression. I was getting overweight and was getting very unhealthy. He brought the joy back into my life.”

Originally from Massachusetts, Debbie has moved around the country, and is now working two jobs and is looking forward to going to school for medical coding. Gaby has a new job in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and has three children from his previous marriage that they are looking forward to building their life together around.

Now they enjoy visiting in Gaby’s country, and love to take long walks and explore on motorcycle rides together.

Most recently, they went to a carnival together, but as with many couples, they always revel in each other’s company and share long talks about planning for their future together.

Turning to the online wedding component, they felt that it was a much easier route to take, since Gaby does not currently have full citizenship in the Dominican Republic, so it would have been very difficult for them to have a wedding performed there. An immigration attorney recommended Online Weddings Utah, and so they looked into the options and contacted Rev. Heron to start the process.

Although their families were initially surprised by the idea of online marriage, they were very supportive of it and are pleased to see them both happy and thriving together.

And while they were married in the late months of 2022, Debbie has reported in February of 2023 that their marriage visa has been received by USCIS already. They are being assisted by for their immigration services, and Debbie will join Gaby again in March, where they plan to exchange rings and take professional wedding couple photos, which we can’t wait to see!

Rev. Heron

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been an interfaith minister since 1993. I was ordained in January of 1996, just before I officiated a wedding for the first time. I absolutely love weddings and have been honored to officiate at many ceremonies for friends old and new. It is common for me to do weddings for multiple generations and branches of families.