Rev. Heron has chosen to keep her ceremony prices deliberately low to allow people from around the world to access her services on a more equitable basis. However, she also offers special compassionate support rates to couples needing some extra help. If you find yourself in one of these situations (or even one that is not covered here) please complete this short support request form.

Call or text – (850) 888-8603
Email or DM via social channels :

Support Peace in Ukraine

War in Ukraine / Russia – Couples with one or more member who has been impacted by the war activity in Ukraine or surrounding regions.

LGBTQIA+ – Same-sex, nonbinary, transgender or other identifying couples around the world who are impacted by discrimination in employment, housing, education, or legal status that may make access to marriage difficult or impossible.

Support of LGBTQIA+
Support of Military Families

Military Families – Active-duty military, veterans, disabled veterans, and military families with children – serving in any country, not just for the US.

Imprisoned or Refugee couples and families – Couples where a member has been imprisoned, or any couple or family who are considered to be refugees fleeing natural disasters or man-made cataclysms

Support of Prisoners & Refugees

Medical crisis or disability – Couples where one or both members are experiencing severe medical crisis or ongoing disability that impacts their economic situation

Couples assisted in 2022 – 32

You can help too! Give an online wedding or donate the cost of a wedding license.

Some couples wish to “pay it forward” and assist others who are struggling. If you would like to help, please donate any amount using one of the buttons below. If you’d like to give a full wedding, you can donate $150, but any funds toward this effort are appreciated.

You can also choose to cover the cost of a wedding license for a couple in need. An international wedding license is $145, and a US-based license is $70. Funds for this will only be used for the license.

Full disclosure – donations are not tax-deductible. Compassionate Support funds will help Rev. Heron to be able to assist more couples through offsetting the costs of her time and labor. Additionally – Wedding license donations will ONLY be used to cover the cost of a wedding license for a couple that needs this support.