For newly-in-love couple Lyka and Gavven, their connection was obvious immediately.

Since their first meeting through OK Cupid they have spent much time together online. A favorite activity is that they enjoy Bible study and devotionals every day. They faithfully pray together and also spend time watching movies and tv.

Very soon after their meeting, they knew they had to be with each other forever.

As Lyka is from the Philippines and Gavven lives in the US, they went searching for information about how they could be together.

They found the Facebook group “Love Not Tourism – Philippines” which is a group where people who have a fiancé or partner in the Philippines can offer information and advice to the group members. A group member suggested looking up Online Weddings Utah to them and they contacted me for a consultation.

Since they met just four months ago, the international pandemic restrictions have imposed a severe barrier to their meeting in person, and because they felt so strongly about each other, they decided that an online wedding was a perfect choice to help them continue their relationship.

Their ceremony was held recently, and through an email interview, Lyka told me that their wedding was a very positive thing to do for her, and that she found it to be an enjoyable and beautiful experience. She also mentioned that her family felt that it was a beautiful and intimate ceremony, even though the concept of holding a wedding online was very new to them.

They are now seeking the advice of an immigration specialist to help them navigate their way through the often frustrating rules and regulations of international law. They have generously offered to help me document their experience so that others can learn from what they have done, so expect to see some follow-up posts about them.

They do plan on having a big family wedding when they are finally in each other’s arms, and I wish them the very best for their future!

Rev. Heron

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been an interfaith minister since 1993. I was ordained in January of 1996, just before I officiated a wedding for the first time. I absolutely love weddings and have been honored to officiate at many ceremonies for friends old and new. It is common for me to do weddings for multiple generations and branches of families.

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lover2022 · January 27, 2022 at 5:23 am

What a beautyful and touching ceremony. Thank you so much for sharing. We wish you all the best for your future and that all your wishes will come true.

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