Since online weddings are so new to the world, I wanted to introduce you to some couples who are on the front lines of this amazing advancement in technology and ingenuity.

The couples that you will meet here have all had an online wedding through my service, and I hope to collect more information in the future about how it all works in various countries around the world.

Since even the concept of getting married online is so very new to the world, it is important to demonstrate that it is not only real, but can work for couples around the world.

Everyone who is getting married online now is part of an important historic change that may well end up influencing how marriages are treated worldwide in the future.

A European love story…

Meet Daniela and Stephen. The are the very first Featured Couple to appear on this blog.

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Full disclosure, some of my featured couples may have received a small refund on their wedding ceremony fee in exchange for the consideration of use of their names, wedding videos and images. Others are featured from leaving reviews, granting post-ceremony interviews or have communicated their thoughts via email.